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Strange Love Teasers November 2021

Official Strange Love Teasers November 2021 – the latest episode

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Friday 1 October 2021

Episode 381

A dejected Astha informs Shlok about her encounter with the municipality officer. Later, Astha, Shlok and Chaukasi are shocked when the officer refuses to return the food truck even after paying the dues. How will they retrieve their food truck and bring the officer to justice?

Episode 382

Apsara is shocked to see Shlok and Astha return with their food truck. Later, Sachin informs Astha about a customer’s order for a party. Meanwhile, Varad spikes Niranjan’s juice to prevent him from attending the board meeting.

Saturday 2 October 2021

Episode 383

An infuriated Apsara confronts Astha for her rude behaviour towards Sachin. Later, Astha gifts a cell phone to Shlok. Meanwhile, Varad asks Sojal to mix sleeping tablets in Niranjan glass again as the one he spiked previously, spills. Will Niranjan be able to attend the scheduled meeting?

Episode 384

Jaya asks Sojal to visit the old-age home to enquire about Anjali’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Astha and Shlok inform Anjali about their decision to relocate. Sojal sees Kavya and Anjali talking at the old-age.

Sunday 3 October 2021

Episode 385

Matron suspects Sojal. Anjali asks a family doctor to visit the old-age home as Mrs Godbole falls sick. Meanwhile, Raghu Bhai’s associates threaten people for protection money; Astha refuses to give. Is she inviting trouble?

Episode 386

The old-age home members hide the truth about Anjalis presence from the doctor. Meanwhile, Astha and Shlok learn the truth about Raghu Bhai and his associates. Shlok confronts Raghu Bhais associates when they try to misbehave.

Monday 4  October 2021

Episode 387

Chaukasi apologises to Raghu Bhai on behalf of Shlok. He assures Raghu Bhai that he will convince Shlok to apologise to him, but Shlok refuses to apologise. Meanwhile, Rekha informs Astha that Chaukasi took Shlok to Raghu Bhai. Is Shlok risking too much for too little?

Episode 388

Anjali has a nightmare. Meanwhile, Shlok is enraged reading a threat letter. Later, Raghu Bhais associates wreck Shlok and Asthas food truck. Rekha informs them about Raghu Bhais goons assaulting Chaukasi.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Episode 389

Raghu Bhai informs his associate Manoj about his plan against Astha. Meanwhile, Anjali prays to god for Shlok and Asthas well-being. Later, Shlok is frightened seeing Asthas purse and follows Raghu Bhais goons. Manoj abducts Shlok. Will Raghu Bhai succeed in his plan against Astha?

Episode 390

Chaukasi informs Astha about Raghu Bhais associate abducting Shlok. Meanwhile, Raghu Bhai threatens Shlok. Later, Astha informs the inspector that Raghu Bhai abducted Shlok and lodges a complaint against him.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Episode 391

Anjali visits the Agnihotri House to meet Kavya. Anjali is enraged at Sojal for her negligence towards Kavya. Later, at Kavyas insistence, Anjali prepares a sweet dish for her. Meanwhile, a dejected Astha prays to god for Shloks well-being. Will Shlok return home safely?

Episode 392

Chaukasi and Rekha start Shlok and Asthas food truck. Sojal and Kavya make fun of Jaya. Meanwhile, Raghu Bhais associate informs him that the police are on the lookout for him as Astha has lodged a complaint against him.

Thursday 7 October 2021

Episode 393

Raghu Bhai and his associates escape from their hideout before the police reach them. An infuriated Raghu Bhai shoots Shlok. Later, the inspector informs Astha they found a dead body and asks her to identify it.

Episode 394

Raghu Bhai is bewildered to see his associate’s dead body instead of Shlok’s. Meanwhile, Astha is delighted to see Shlok alive. Shlok challenges Raghu Bhai and motivates people to stand up against his atrocities. Will Shlok succeed in bringing Raghu Bhai to book?

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